PrePak Products Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley

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PrePak Products Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley Description

Product Description PrePak Products web strap over-the-door shoulder pulley is used for increasing and maintaining range of motion in all planes of the shoulder. The pulley has a fender to ensure the rope doesn’t disengage, and is made of self-lubricating, durable nylon for eliminating squeaks, metal residue, or snags that cause rope degradation. The pulley’s 86-inch rope is custom-braided to prevent fraying, flattening, or unraveling, and is marked to allow patients to gauge progress. The pulley has ergonomic, latex-free handles that are molded in the shape of a closed fist for increased comfort, and includes a full-color book with step-by-step instructions for 11 basic shoulder exercises.What’s in the Box?Shoulder pulleyShoulder exercise book Manufacturer Contact Information NULL

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