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San-x Korilakkuma Plush in Sleeping Bag

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San-x Korilakkuma Plush in Sleeping Bag Description

Size : Approx. 340x240x120mm. Material : Soft Boa. San-X. co, ltd is a Japanese Company that manufactures and sells stationery, miscellaneous goods, etc., and copyright sales management of characters. San-x has earned high praise for the manufacture and sale of living goods, stationery, miscellaneous goods etc. by committed to 100% original design by their designers. San-x Co., Ltd. creates unique and fun characters that are adored by fans around the world. Based in Tokyo,San-x is one of the largest character manufacturing company in japan, specializing in stationary, plush, and accessory goods. The blue in San-x’s logo represents youth, novelty, challenge, and the future. The four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck. Designs and products that they carefully make over time contain stories and a lot of commitment. The commitment to making characters that can not Characters of San-x ‘s products. The character does not matter age, sex, nationality. Various characters created by San – X entertain the viewers and give them a dream. The character will continue to grow with the thought of fans and many people who are involved in the production. San-X wants to deliver exciting characters and designs to all over the world, while paying attention to the quality of products that you can use with confidence. Characters of San-x: Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma, Mamegoma, Jinbesan, Tare Panda, Sentimental circus, Esparks, Jewel Cat, Afro Ken, Corocorocoronya, Kutsushita Nyanko, Monochrome Boo, Twin Angel and others.

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